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DVD-22 Universal Folding DVD Wall Mount Installation video

How to install DVD mount DVD-22? Welcome to review video of Lumi Legend Corporation, we will teach you!!!
Welcome to instruction video of DVD Mount DVD-22! Do you want to save more time and energy to install DVD Mount DVD-22 as fast as you can? Please refer to the instruction manual or watch the instruction video now. We will teach you how to install it in the shortest possible time! Mounting a DVD is much simpler than you may think. The whole installation can be completely in under an hour by 1-2 people. Follow what the video teach you, just do it!
1a. For Wood Stud Wall Mounting
1b. For Solid Brick and Concrete Mounting
2. Remove decorative cover
3. Find and mark the exact location of mounting holes
4. Screw the wall mount onto the wall
5. Reinstall decorative cover
6. Installing the DVD

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