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LDT04 Series Counterbalance Monitor Arm Features Video

How to install tv bracket, Monitor Desk Mount LDT04-C012? Welcome to review video of Lumi Legend Corporation, we will teach you!!!
Welcome to instruction video of TV Mount LDT04-C012! Dou you want to save more time and energy to install TV Mount LDT04-C012 as fast as you can? Please refer to the instruction manual or watch the instruction video now. We will teach you how to install it in the shortest possible time! Mounting a Plasma or LCD TV is much simpler than you may think. The whole installation can be completely in under an hour by 1-2 people… we recommend 2 people for heavier screens. Follow what the video teach you, just do it!

1.Installing the Pole and the Desk Clamp Assembly
2.Attaching to the Desk
3.Installing the Adapter Bracket
4.Installing the Adapter Bracket Assembly(attached display)
5.Adjusting Tension
6.Managing the Cable

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